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Now it’s starting to approach a year since I started on Zo Skin Care products and I’m not getting enough of it. Can of course just speak from own experience, and do not promise that this is a miracle cure for everyone’s skin, but I have had incredibly good results.

I was bothered with acne and this problem I have gotten in check. I was afraid I would have to go another round on the strong pillow against acne that is also called horse cure. It’s so strong and my body felt like just days of breaking down when I had to give me six months, three months before I actually finished. The ZO Skin Health program I was testing was the last thing I wanted to try before I could have a new pillow.

A pillow now is not necessary anymore and in addition to getting rid of the pimple problem, I also got rid of my shiny skin. You often have an oily skin type if you are sick of acne and I felt my skin was constantly shiny. This is also something I appreciate that has gone away with products that stabilize the sebum production and helps my skin to produce enough moisture without feeling fat.

My favorites on the bathing shelves:

Pads I use tomorrow and evening. These I have become fully dependent on and are also an important step in my program. It helps reduce sebum and I also feel extra clean in the skin after a swipe in my face after cleansing.

The Sulfur Mask I use about 2 times a week, more if I feel it is needed. It sucks out all the skin impurities. Also uses it as a spot treatment on acne as it is so effective on this. Can also sleep with if there is a proper crisis.

Daily Power Defense is a type of serum and no moisturizer even though this is the last product I lubricate on the skin. This both my skin and my skin had to turn me to the start and I was dry  – BUT the skin would learn to produce moisture itself and not apply it with a cream. Now the skin always feels perfectly balanced when it comes to moisture and I have never felt the need for a moisturizing mask, for example, that you often chew for different periods.

Pore refiner is the newest deposit I have received in my program. This will reduce pores as understood by the name. It also does a bit of the same job as the pads. I see a big difference in my pores I have a little in my skin.

The last thing I want to think about is this primer. It has a fun factor and color, so I use it under other makeup or alone if I just want to level my skin tone a little before I run out the door. Love it!

I know how crazy it is with skin problems, no matter what type of problems it may be and it’s definitely worth investing both some time and money to find the perfect program for your skin. It’s also to be said that I mean it’s very much and say what you put in you and how you live, so cut down on special sugar and dairy products if you’re bothered by acne like me. And stress down

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  1. Maggie says:

    Thanks is awesome, Where can i buy this product? i really need this one, i head about this i saw your articles and i believe for sure is awesome. 🙂

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