How long will life survive on planet Earth?

It is a fact that our world is facing massive challenges. By the year 2050 it is estimated to be 150 million climate hits in the world and what it means for world peace I almost do not think about it – the world will look quite different for our children. At the same time, population growth is that we eat too much meat and do not have enough food, plus too high consumption, and in addition, our own prime minister calls us to have more children – something that is contrary to the UN, which says we are simply too many with our consumption today. 

Climate change is man-made. It’s both scary, but also nice to think about, because then we also have the power to change something. Instead of just giving me promises like “exercising more” or “taking more chances” I’ve decided to set my own goals for my environmental impression every year. I was unable to wait until New Year, so here they come, my environmental goals in 2019. Hope you are with me!

♻️I will travel less. Now before Christmas, I’m going on the tour that requires some travel by plane (to get everything), and although I’m excited, it’s not the impression it puts on the environment something I want to stand for. I have to fly when I travel home to the north (if I drive polluting it just as much, and do not travel so far), but I will not travel on spontaneous trips abroad, as often as possible only to create content, nor will I go on sponsored tours with other influencers just for fun. Then MUST be a bad reason for leaving. I would rather inspire fun things you can do here at home, saving money as well.

♻️ Just now my car is hybrid, I thought it was the same as an electric car because I do not have a bearing. I love my car, but by 2019 I will switch to EL for the environment.

♻️You can think I put the food in the crank when I suddenly received SMS from my big model, Gunnhild Stordalen, a month ago! A big dream had been to get lost with her (I’ll be in late November), and hopefully get some kind of collaboration, or start something for my own part that is about food and the environment.

♻️ I only eat plant-based at home but have hit a click here and there when I’m eating and eating, for example, cheese. It will never happen again. Eating vegans is the best thing to do for the environment, and I think that if you start there, there will be positive changes in other fields as well. After I switched to a plant-based diet, I was suddenly much better at recycling, turning off the light at home, shopping less, selling the clothes I do not use, etc. It’s a way of life! There is absolutely no good reason in the world to eat meat every day. No! There are really no good reasons to eat meat at all, but since people refuse to realize it, at least we can start cutting it down. Something fortunately many do. 

♻️ Dry to say more about! During the day I was at Barrys Bootcamp, and after training, you are offered a smoothie. I thanked and was so sorry when it came in a plastic beaker, with a plastic vacuum cleaner, which was covered in double plastic. I said nothing there and then, but as soon as I got home, I sent mail to the bosses and asked how they could stand for something like that. The same thing I did with The Juicery – and that helped me get such a nice feedback and they will go over to being 100% plastic free! And the same, I’ll put myself down to do with now too. 

♻️ Stop using shopping bags at the store and bring my own. It’s hard to remember, but then I’ll even “punish” myself by letting me act if I’ve been so confused that I’ve forgotten the bag. It may be my new rule. 

Fortunately, more and more care about the environment, but disappointing in public. I’m also afraid to talk too much about it because people think it’s boring. But do you know what, we share all the same planet and the DOOR! It may sound a bit hard, but it is true. And then we can not sit on the sidelines and consider because we have no planet B. So please raise your hand and tell us because we need it. And do not forget to meet the environment for you too !! 

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